If You're Looking To:

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Boost your immune system

  • Improve your digestive symptoms

  • Lose weight for good this time

  • And learn the secrets to becoming a fat burner

Then you're in the right place...

Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health
Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health

Let Me ask You Some Questions

Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health
Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health
  • Are you always tired, regardless of how many hours of sleep you get?

  • Do you wake up with aches and pains that never seem to go away?

  • No matter what you do, does losing weight feel impossible?

  • Is your energy so low in the afternoon that even coffee doesn’t work?

  • Are you easily irritated?

  • Do you feel like your cravings are uncontrollable?

Listen, I get it. I was YOU not that long ago. I, too, though maybe it's just part of the aging process.

Thankfully I was WRONG.

Unfortunately, our society has taught us to believe that these symptoms and health issues are age-related. They want you to give up and just accept how you’re feeling.

Sure, there may be a little bit of truth in this (getting old does have its ups and downs), BUT many of these issues are actually accelerated by the foods we eat and how often we eat. Not only has your body changed as you’ve aged, but the food available has also changed due to processing, preservation, and the way it’s grown.

You can’t change your genes, but you can change how your gene expresses through lifestyle principles. Many of them are even free.

SO. . . Where Should You Start?

First and foremost, I want to start by reminding you that you are striving here for progress NOT perfection.

The choices you make daily, even the little choices, will allow you to get closer to thriving. The choices you make will either build health or tear it down. Once you learn to manage and understand your choice consequences, it will be so much easier to make the CORRECT choice for you. I know changing a lifestyle can seem hard, daunting, and flat-out unattainable.

I’m here to share with you that YOUR goals are ATTAINABLE. Having the right tools and the right support makes all the difference in the world.

The principles you’re about to learn in the RISE UP program will provide scientifically proven methods that have been used with 1000 people for decades.

Everybody is different and unique. There is no one-size-fits-all diet out there. You are unique and have encountered different stressors and have handled them differently. Let’s face it, you live in a stressed-out society along with high obesity and high metabolic diseases.

The good news is that YOU have the power to do something about it. Lifestyle is 90% of the equation and there is no better time than the present to work on your health.

Did you know that you can change your gut health in just 3 days? When you change your gut health, you can change your brain health, your emotional health, your immune health, and your body composition.

You Can Do This.. Introducing The Rise Up Program

Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health
Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health

The Rise Up Program is unique – giving you the tools and support to attain YOUR health goals.

Your body is perfect and amazing. Your body is designed to heal if it’s given what it needs. Symptoms are an indication of a blockage in the flow system. Which means the body’s pathways are congested and not flowing properly.

The Rise Up program provides you with 90 days of teaching, education, and different methods of eating, fasting, and lifestyle tools and adding in a variation of these methods. Plus the motivation and accountability will keep you on task. Did I mention the recipes and yummy food choices?

This program will be like no other you have ever done before.

Are YOU Ready?

  • If you have been searching for a plan that fits your needs than you’re in the right place.

  • If you have heard about fasting and are wondering how this might help you, stay with me.

  • If you work best with a partner or accountability, you will receive that in the Rise Up program.

  • If you have spent hours researching and are still confused, here you will find the correct answers.

  • If you are looking for a simpler way to manage your health and get better results, I assure you 1000 of others were in your shoes.

  • If you need help with knowing what to eat and when to eat, we have you covered. (The recipes are amazing)

There’s no need to struggle anymore.

The Rise Up Methodology will show you how to combine many different diet methods to produce a healthier outcome. Think real whole foods, higher fats, healthy fiber, clean proteins, and moderate healthy carbs. We combine lifestyle improvements with diet variation and fasting, without deprivation. Learn amazing hacks to control appetite and cravings once and for all. It’s backed by science, cost-effective, and never boring and you will be blown away by the results, if you’re willing to see it through to the end.

Why Learn This From Me?

Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health, Beth Schupanitz
Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Health, Beth Schupanitz

Hi I’m Beth Schupanitz

I’m a former sugar addict, resistant to antibiotics, and have healed my gut so that I am performing better than I have ever done before. For years I wasn’t feeling like I thought my body should feel with all the great things I was doing in the name of health. My labs kept coming back in the normal range, but I still didn’t always feel 100%. I kept researching, attending seminars, training, and meeting with different health professionals until I was able to get to the bottom of my health concerns.

I’ve spent the last three years digging deeper to attain another level of health and from what I have experienced and learned, is what we are calling the RISE UP Methodology. I’ve learned from the science and a mastermind of other practitioners who also use these principals with their clients. I’m excited to share it all with you.

Let's Go To The Details


Real Foods to the Rescue – Starting the transformation of being a fat burner vs. sugar burner

Here we will be working on eating and preparing foods that are fantastic for lowering our blood sugar levels, and learn how to choose higher-quality foods, and knowing how to shop for them. We will also support you in lowering your insulin levels, decreasing your pain, sleeping better, losing inches, and improving your energy. During this time we will incorporate hacks to make the process of becoming a fat burner easier.

Phase 1 is key to switching you from a sugar burner to a fat-burner.


2nd Phase: Shift into Intermittent Fasting

By extending your fasting window and only eating within your eating window, you will begin the process of getting into ketosis and burning fat for energy and not just glucose. It’s not about eating less but eating less often. No deprivation just timing your eating window. This is the 2nd stage:

Becoming a fat burner
Lowering blood sugar levels
Tapping into Autophagy (cleaning out your own cells)
Producing Human Growth Hormone


3rd Phase: Fast Mimicking

Never let your mindset hold you back from accomplishing your goals!

Learn how to eat foods all while tapping into a deeper phase of autophagy and really cleaning out the cells and removing congestion from the body. This is where the healing begins. There is a very specific way to manage and tap into the healing powers of fat-burning and ketosis. Fast Mimicking will help you do this all while getting to eat in a very specific way. The benefits of fast mimicking are broad. Some of the benefits are, slows the aging process down, rejuvenates the immune system, lowers blood pressure, increases the HDLs (good cholesterol), improves motor learning and memory etc.


4th Phase: Populating the Gut

These biohacks for improving gut health are amazing. There are 4 steps to supporting gut health that will be taught. The food suggestions are fantastic and the flatter belly feels so good. Most people at this point have lost pounds and definitely inches along with diminished cravings. Learn the principles for supporting overall gut health.


5th Phase: 48 Hour Water Fast
How to restore your gut health and never suffer from embarrassing symptoms again and lose a few stubborn pounds as well!

This is the phase you have been waiting for. At this phase, we really hit those fat storage areas of the body and start cleaning up the gut in a way that is natural and protective. We will be getting into nutritional ketosis so we are burning fat for energy. Better mental clarity, less pain, and less inflammation are common results.


6th Phase: Feasting for Hormone and Growth
Feasting is just as important as fasting. Diet variation is the missing link for so many people. In order to have and maintain metabolic flexibility, we need to keep varying what we eat and when we eat it. There is a right and a wrong way to feast. During this phase, we will go over the healing principles of feasting and show you how to do it.

Let's Get Started . . .

Since I have been eating this way and fasting in the past several years, I have:

  • Lost 20 pounds and kept it off, even during the menopausal years

  • Improved my digestion

  • No longer have a Hashimoto diagnosis

  • Have more brain clarity

  • Improved Energy throughout the day

  • Healthier looking skin

  • Controlled cravings and hunger

Anyone can do anything for 90 days. These 90 days can change your life for the better in so many ways.

Are you willing to do what it takes to get your control back over your health?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Stop doing the same thing over and over. Tap into these ancient practices and find a whole new world to tap into.

You deserve to get these benefits. I will be right there with you, guiding you and cheering you on.
Come join me.

Grab These Bonuses Included in the Program!

Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, 3 Week Healthy Meal Plan

BONUS #1: 3 Week Healthy Meal Plan

I get asked all the time, what can I eat? How can I plan for a week of meals? I’m also told that people have limited time to cook and they end up in the drive-thru. The secret to eating healthy is to plan and prepare. This bonus is a 3-week Healthy Meal Plan with shopping lists to go with it. When you have a list and a plan, grocery shopping is so much easier. It is designed for a family of four. If you need to cook smaller amounts, remember to adjust the shopping list. This is an invaluable tool.

Usually $97

Inspiring Health, Rise Up Program, Healing Power of Soups E-Book

BONUS #2: Healing Power of Soups E-Book

The Healing Powers of Soup eBook has amazing healing recipes that are all gluten and grain-free. You will use these recipes time and time again.

The Healing Powers of Soup is a must-have for those seeking gluten free, nutrient dense meals that are simple to make. Beth has made it simple and delicious for busy professionals or families to sit and have a healthy meal with ease. – Dr. Axe

Usually $27

Still on the Fence . . .

If you like me, you want fast, convenient, and simple results. What I learned after years of just trying this and that and not really finding the results I was hoping for. When I learned about ancient ways of eating, fasting, and diet variation did I decide to go in and make it happen? I knew my learning curve might be higher than the other programs out there, but the more I learned about how the body works and how indigenous people lived for decades and had little to no disease I was intrigued to try something different.

Deciding to learn something new and sticking it through to the end is empowering. What I learned over the past three years is all in this program and then some. Education, knowledge, and action are what will give you the results you are looking for and yearning for. However, if you don’t take action now nothing will change. You can do this and you will have the support to get through it. Anyone to make their mind up and do something for 90 days.

Just think of it… After 90 days you hit all the goals that you are looking for.
  • Your blood pressure is lower

  • Your blood sugar is lower

  • Your inflammation is lower

  • You have more energy

  • You have lost inches and pounds

  • Your clothes are way loose on you

  • You're more comfortable in your skin

  • Your brain fog has lifted

  • Your pain and aches are gone

Just think of it… If you don’t get started none of this will happen. Join us now and let us support you on your journey to health freedom!!

The information listed here in this program is not intended to take the place of a medical professional or nutritionist or dietician's advice. The Rise Up is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as a diagnostic, treatment, or cure for any condition, illness, or disease. Please seek out your medical professional before starting any nutritional or exercise program. We are not trained dieticians and the nutritional information was established by using a variety of nutritional app counters. We did our best to be accurate with the nutritional information, however, each app does vary some. We disclaim any and all liability with any information contained in this program. We do not recommend that you change or discontinue any type of medication. You must work with your prescribing doctor on that. The content of this program is intended to support our clients and is provided as a courtesy to our clients.