What Is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive way of analyzing the body to establish any interference that may be blocking or causing ill or non-optimal health. It’s a way of looking at how each organ, gland or tissue that may or may not be functioning at optimal levels.

Muscle response testing provides necessary feedback through the body’s neurological reflexes or acupuncture points. Once the analysis is complete we help you to determine the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet, to bring balance and harmony to your body once again.

The feedback will direct the practitioner to identify certain stressors that may be causing interference with optimal health. Stressors such as food sensitivities, chemicals, scars, metals, or immune challenges are the things that show up. These results are then analyzed to determine the proper nutritional protocol with a proven and clinically accurate system.

An additional piece we provide is evaluating your Functional Blood Work you probably already have from your doctor. We assess them through a FUNCTIONAL LENS, to further determine your nutritional and borderline deeper stressors that may be hidden.

These labs include Full Lipid Panel, Complete Metabolic Panel, CBC Panel with Differentials, Full Thyroid Panel, A1C and Fasting glucose, and Vitamin D. If you have had these labs in the past year we can use them. Insurance covers once a year blood work.

What Should I Expect From the Program?

Initial Appointment (75 minutes)

Before we meet fill out Health History, Blood Worksheet, and Food Log

Before we meet on Zoom or In-person a review of all your paperwork will take place and an assessment will be written up.

Once we meet In-person or over Zoom, we discuss your goals and intentions for care, review your Report of Findings and conduct a Nutrition Response Testing to confirm and determine additional stressors that need to be addressed.

When you submit your most current bloodwork, it will be reviewed through a functional lens and the results will be shared during your Initial Appointment.

Follow Up Program (30 minutes)

Body Scan, Fine Tuning of your personal protocol, Nutrition Consultation & Lifestyle Modifications.

We will continue to monitor and address any other layers of need that your body presents to us, therefore adjusting your program as needed. This allows for any underlying health concerns to be handled. Follow-up appointments will be necessary in order to keep the body moving in the right direction. Generally, although every case is different, we often hear enthusiastic reports from patients in as little as 4-6 weeks. The fastest recoveries are from those who most closely follow their recommended nutritional program. The majority of our clients will be working with us to uncover layers of healing for 4-6 months and beyond.

Who Is Nutrition Response Testing For?

Women, men, and children who want a more natural and holistic way of looking at their health.

They want to:

  • detect food sensitivities

  • clear skin or acne, eczema, and other skin issues

  • improve gas, bloating, and fullness

  • have regular bowel movements

  • improve energy

  • have great sleep

  • attain better focus and clarity

  • relieve ADHD symptoms

  • get relief from indigestion

  • eliminate headaches

  • improve athletic performance

  • support with meal planning

Why Did I Choose This Way Of Nutrition Testing?

  • It is the most non-invasive way to test food sensitivities and possible other stressors on the body

  • It is been clinically used with accuracy for years.

  • It’s very cost-effective and simple to understand what the body is in need of.

  • Healing protocols are with whole real foods, effective lifestyle changes, and whole foods supplements.

  • This method is specifically prepared for what each client needs or doesn’t need.

  • A functional look at your bloodwork to look deeper at hidden areas of care needed.

Success Stories

How Do You Get Started?

Schedule Your Appointment Here

Once you choose your date and time, you will be directed to answer some questions and pay for your initial appointment. An email will be sent following your payment with another questionnaire to fill out, your food log, and the blood work lab worksheet to fill in. We look forward to seeing you soon.